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What is polish change ?

1. What is polish change ?

Polish change is a mini manicure and pedicure offered by almost all spas and nail salons; it has to do with the removal of the old polish and the application of a new one. … Nail polishes are applied to decorate and protect the nail plates.

2. What does a toe polish change include?

For a professional nail polish service, it includes the removal of the old polish, filing, cuticles and then re-polishing your nails

3. Does a fill include a polish change?

One of the most common questions we get asked by new clients is if they need to have their gel/acrylic nails removed and have a new set each time. The answer is no. You simply have a refill! During a refill we file off the existing colour and remove any lifting

4. Is it better to get gel or acrylic nails?

Gel Nails are Flexible Soak-off-gels are easier to remove but your nail plate can still be damaged if the gel is scraped off before it’s completely dissolved. I personally prefer gel nails when compared to acrylic because it is a flexible monomer. Acrylic is much harder.

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