Creative Nails World

Summary of nail services from Creative Nail World

Regular Manicure: (Classic Manicure)

  • Reshape nail
  • Trim cuticle
  • Base coat
  • Polish color
  • Top coat

Acrylic Manicure (Acrylic Nail)

Using a mixture of liquid and polymer powders, creating an artificial nail. This nail layer is transparent, then the technican will apply the nail polish on the nail.

Artifical Nail: is fake nail, and can be removed

Gel Manicure (Gel Nail / Gel Color)

Upgraded from Regular manicure, however this is good for nails and the colors can last longer and the difference is 3 steps: base coat / polish color / top coat will all have UV light for 2 ~ 3 minutes.

Shellac Manicure

Similar to Gel manicure, but more expensive, more expensive, reduces nail crack, increases the hardness and durability, not for nail lengths.

French Manicure (Pink & white)

White tip and pink color nail (usually used on natural nails)

Solar Manicure (Solar Nail)

Similar to Pink & white, usually uses white and pink acrylic apply to natural nails.

SNS Dip Powder

The basic difference is how not turning around layers of gel such as Shellac, Gel manicure but focus on dipping powder, no need to use UV light, longer durability than Acrylic and Shellac.

Nail Fill / Fill in / Refill

Approximately 2,3 weeks, the nail will be long, will reveal the gap, this time we go to nail salon and fill in the gap part.


Discolored nails


Cat’s eye

Shiny nails with sparkling lines.

Long Nails

Coffin Nail (ballerina nails)

3D Nail

Transparent nail

Almond Nail

Stiletto Nail

Round Nail

Soak off / Nail removal

Callous removal