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Memorial Day & Veteran’s Day inspired nails designs

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The holidays give you the opportunity to relax and to have a family gathering. And what is the best method to relax and recharge? That’s the feeling when you are pampered by skillful technicians in our top-notch nail salon Pennsylvania 19355! To have a calming spa day and to get pretty nails, book an appointment with your local nail salon soon!

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Memorial Day (last Monday in May)

Also known as Decoration Day, Memorial Day remembers the people who died while serving the country. On this day various communities hold patriotic events all over the country and people attend military cemeteries where volunteers decorate the gravestones with American flags. A big concert takes place on the lawn of the capitol in Washington D.C. and is live-streamed on TV. Memorial Day weekend is considered to be the start of summer vacation in the US so, for many, this is a cheerful celebration of the American armed forces.

Nail salon Pennsylvania 19355 | Better Nails Salon in Malvern

Veterans’ Day (11 November)

Often confused with Memorial Day, Veterans Day was first established as a holiday to remember the veterans of World War I. However, in the 50’s it was changed to commemorate the service of all the veterans that served for the US armed forces.

The celebrations are more solemn and serious than on Memorial Day. A two-minute-long moment of silence is held all over the country at 11:00. Veterans are honored in patriotic events and by the whole community in general e.g.: they get offered free meals in restaurants and cafeterias.

If 11 November falls on a Saturday, many workers get the preceding Friday (10 November) off. If it happens to be on a Sunday, the proceeding Monday (12 November) is celebrated.

Manicures have moved far and beyond a quick nail file and coat of OPI peachy nude. The progression away from simplicity has embraced length, color, design and shape. Whether you get regular professional manicures at Better Nail Salon in Malvern or paint your own nails, nail art is a popular way to add fun designs to your nails!

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