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Nail salon 40291 | Pearl Nails 'n Spa | Louisville, Kentucky 40291

What Is A French Manicure?
French Manicure is one of the most popular types of manicure where the tips of fingernails are colored white, and their bases are colored pale pink. This color combination is considered as the most classic nail look. French Manicure can be achieved on natural nails as well as on acrylic or artificial nails.
There are disagreements over the name’s true origin aside, but no matter its true origins, the simple look of a French Manicure is considered timeless because it is a clean look that is incredibly versatile.As time goes on, French Manicure has been updated and might not look exactly the same as its original pink and white version. This way has helped to bring French Manicure back to life after being complained of lacking creativity a long time ago. Good news is that you can learn all about this type of manicure service in this article.

Nail salon 40291 | Pearl Nails ‘n Spa | Louisville, Kentucky 40291

Why Do Many Women Go For French Manicures?
From simple to more complex variations, the French Manicure has proven to be a perfect nail art option. Its simple design creates a universally flattering style that goes with any look.  
French manis are elegant and hearken back to classic nail looks from the fifties and sixties, yet they feel clean and modern at the same time. It is minimal and does not look like you are trying too hard, but has a touch of polish and vintage nostalgia. Plus, the style makes your nails look super long. French Manicure choice is such a solid solution to such a time-consuming problem.
The white-tipped look with a pink or nude overlay seems to be an everlasting nail trend, with women still constantly requesting it in nail salons. If you want to look effortlessly, naturally put together, French Manicure is really a great choice for you.

Nail salon 40291 | Pearl Nails ‘n Spa | Louisville, Kentucky 40291

When Are The Best Occasions To Wear French Manicure?
Love them or hate them, the staying power of a French Manicure is undeniable. Since the white tips and neutral tone of the look goes with all types of dresses, French Manicure appearance is quite versatile and can be worn regardless of different settings, including parties, gyms, offices, special events, weekend hangouts, and virtually anywhere else you can think of.

How To Maintain Your French Manicure?
You can rest assured that it’s easy to keep your French tips looking fresh and neat. French Manicures work on both long and short nails. Plus, the tips can be painted onto nude or bare nails, so you can let your nails grow out without your nails looking awkward or having to run back to the salon so soon

Nail salon 40291 | Pearl Nails ‘n Spa | Louisville, Kentucky 40291

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